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Why learn English in the UK?

Here are some of the benefits that learning English in the UK offers you:


Home of the English Language

The UK is definitely the home of the English language which makes it the perfect place to learn the English language as you will be surrounded by native speakers who can help you to improve your English language skills. 


Courses for all ages and abilities

The UK offers more English language courses than any other country in the world, so if you want to learn English for educational purposes, for your career or just for your own development, the UK is definitely the place to learn.


Inspiring Learning

Learning the English language in the UK is about having fun and being an active participant. It is more than just listening to a teacher. As a result, you will learn more in a shorter period.


High Standards

The UK has many accredited English learning centers that are inspected on a regular basis to ensure the highest standards of teaching, accommodation and support. 

Who are we?

We at Courses in UK – Open Schools promotes the learning of the English language all across the United Kingdom. We are aware of the fact that most of the English schools are concentrated in London or other popular locations in the south of England. Our main objective is to encourage learners to visit other cities in the UK where they can learn the English language by having to speak it all the time. Our main purpose is to help others learn the English language faster and in a more effective way, thus allowing them to create value for their money.

Which Courses do We Offer?

We offer a wide variety of English language courses. These courses are available all over the UK, including the not so popular cities. Our courses have been specifically designed for different age groups and they have also been designed to meet specific needs. 


General English Courses

We offer full-time general English courses which have been designed for students who would like to develop general reading, writing and speaking skills.

Business Courses

We also offer courses for the professionals – business people who would like to learn English or improve their current English language skills to be able to do business with English companies.

Holiday Courses

These courses are specially designed for those who are visiting the UK and would like to develop their English language skills while enjoying all we have to offer in the UK. These courses do not last longer than a week or two.

Educational Courses

These courses are specifically designed for students who need to improve their English learning skills to be accepted at an English college or university.

Book Your Course Now!

If you have the need to learn the English language in a fast and effective manner, then this is the place to be. Book Your English language course now and start a new and interesting journey with us! Start speaking English in just a few weeks.


Sandra T. Dalton

" I really enjoyed the General English Courses that I followed at Courses in UK - Open Schools. It was such a lovely experience. The lecturers were very kind and helpful. Studying here was a great experience and it is the best choice to improve your language skills. "

Cesar R. Reese

" My experience at Courses in UK - Open Schools was 100% positive. The teachers were very good. I met interesting people and enjoyed the Courses for Teenagers and Young Learners. If you want to improve your English learning skills, this is definitely the place to be. "
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